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  • What is DA-COMMERCE?

The best business solution for building an E-Commerce website of any size is DA-Commerce. The choice is yours to build a small web store or a virtual shopping mall. DA-Commerce is Data American's one time fee E-commerce package. This is an all-in-one, no hassle package which also includes web-hosting and E-mail accounts.
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100 products
2 GB storage
2 E-mail accounts
$0 setup fee
Free Web Hosting
Free Domain
250 products
5 GB storage
5 E-mail accounts
$0 setup fee
Free Web Hosting
Free Domain
1000 products
10 GB storage
15 E-mail accounts
$0 setup fee
Free Web Hosting
Free Domain
Unlimited products
50 GB storage
25 E-mail accounts
$0 setup fee
Free Web Hosting
Free Domain

DA-Commerce allows:
  • Custom Storefront Design
  • Real-time Shipping & handling Calculations
  • Real-time Tax calculations
  • Real-time Currency-exchange
  • Payment Gatway-via VISA, AMEX, MASTER, DISCOVER, PayPal, & etc.
  • Creating Multi-layer Categories
  • User Account Management
  • User friendly interface for adding items and multiple-options
  • Full Inventory Control
  • Store Search & Filter
  • Same page image zoom
  • Anytime & Anywhere access
and many other features are ready to serve you and promote your business in the online world.

  • Have you had an unpleasant experience with other E-commerce control panels?

In many cases clients may receive offers to purchase one of the e-commerce packages that are readily available in the market. However, the hassles start as soon as the client makes the payment for the package. As the client may start working on the control panel he/she may feel like they are told to operate an airplane while in the cockpit without any prior knowledge of operation & control of an airplane. In many cases the frustration of the inability to operate and control the e-commerce forces the companies to hire a technician and pay an average of $3000 per month to operate their website(s). STOP it right here. We are happy to help you save your monthly payments. Our technicians have spent the time in designing and programming a user-friendly interface and control panel so you can take control of your website and operate it virtually Anytime and Anywhere. The control panel also includes an extensive amount of Help pages, which will guide you throughout the system. Our consultants are pleased to tutor you in person in a step-by-step manner in operating the control panel. This is a worry-free package that includes substantial amount of features to help with sales and marketing of your business in the virtual world.
  • Need additional features or a custom functionality?

Usually IT companies offer E-commerce packages that come with the same functionality for every client across all business fields. However, in Data American we understand that different businesses require different features, including online sales and marketing demands, that will make them more marketable and result in higher profit yield. Some clients will benefit from customizing their DA-commerce packages by adding other features that will help them achieve their marketing, sales, and profit goals. If you have any ideas or would like additional features, Data American's software programing team always welcomes turning your wonderful ideas into real softwares that can be integrated into your custom DA-Commerce package; simply contact your consultant for additional information on how to proceed.